Affordable Computer Services
You've found the right place to solve all your Windows PC issues affordably.
  • Performance PCs at your price-point
  • Windows PCs and Networks: repairs, upgrades, maintenance
  • Networks and Networked Devices (DVR, NVR, Automation, others)
  • AR/VR CGI animation rendering and production
  • Windows, App, Network, and Device problems SOLVED
If your Windows computer…
  • takes a long time to boot
  • takes a long time to reach the desktop after logging in
  • does not respond quickly to your mouse clicks or typing on the keyboard
  • needs to be rebooted frequently and takes a long time to shut down
  • is failing Windows Updates, or internet access is slow to finish loading pages
  • is being considered for replacement because it doesn’t perform well
  • might be infected with adware, spyware, virus, or other malware
… ACS can fix that computer, so that it’s faster than it was when it was brand new, will
not need a replacement yet, and will boot and perform as quickly and smoothly as possible,
without you needing a house-call or taking it to a computer shop.
Services are done remotely, as long as the computer’s hardware is sound and
it is connected to the internet. After services, computers are malware free and running great!

Services generally take a day and night for the complete service package,
and you can watch and monitor the process and ask questions along the way.
(Computers with extensive issues may require up to 3 days of services,
which are done remotely and can be scheduled for your convenience.)

$40 for PC optimization, $40 for antimalware, $40 for complete updates
(all apps, all software, drivers, and OS); $80 and $120 packages available.
Call, email, or message on Facebook, 24 hours per day, same day or next day service
We prefer PayPal but gratefully accept cash or local check. Major CC/DC accepted through PayPal

Common PC services and rates:  Affordable Computer Services PDF

Engineering Windows PCs, Networks & Networked Devices, Automation, Home Theater,
& Security/Surveillance systems from Sevier County TN to the world via. the internet since 1987
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Affordable Computer Services